Things Visible in the Windows of the Apartment Building Across the Way

TO THE WINDOWS! TO THE WALLS!10. A man with a shaved head, wearing a white hooded robe with black stripes, doing arm exercises.

9. Movie credits playing on a television the size of an entire wall.

8. A young woman and a small fluffy tan dog, napping together on top of the bedcovers.

7. A medium-young man, not particularly fit, sitting shirtless at a computer all day and into the night.

6. Two workers with a stepladder, repainting an empty unit.

5. A young man and woman at their bed, at lunchtime on a weekday; his feet on the floor and her feet behind his ears.

4. A bamboo plant turning yellow.

3. A young woman in a housedress, pushing her face out the window to smoke a cigarette.

2. A woman rising and dressing for work. A man, in the same window, rises three hours later and gets on his computer.

1. A man in a dress shirt and tie, looking at my building with binoculars.

Anonymous lives, obviously, in New York City.

Photo from Flickr by William J Sisti.