Today, We Became Hardline Feminists All Over Again

Story time! Gather round! So, a few years ago, a single woman had a few beers and made out with guy on Halloween and didn’t have sex with him.

And then later, when she was better known, a guy anonymously wrote a story about it on the Internet.

I know I’m not alone in thinking that, clearly, she is a horrible slut. And one who definitely shouldn’t have a job or be taken seriously. And him? Just an innocent, nameless dude who met a slut one time. On accident. Accidental slut meeting! And so it’s really interesting reading, right? That people (don’t) have sex and do drink alcohol. On Halloween no less! Maybe you also know some people who drink alcohol and make out with people? If so, they should definitely feel ashamed of themselves. You should tell them that. Definitely keep an eye out this weekend.

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