9 Things Jimi Heselden Did In His Life That He Is Less Likely To Be Remembered For Than Driving A Segway Off A Cliff

Jimi Heselden9. Grew up working class in Halton Moor, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

8. Left school at 15 to work as a miner in Leeds

7. Realized his dream of becoming an engineer

6. Invented a foldable protection container for military and flood-control purposes

5. Started a company, Hesco Bastion, to manufacture the containers, making his fortune and employing 350 residents of Leeds

4. Donated millions of pounds to charity, including a foundation he set up, the Leeds Community Foundation, to which he had given over 28 million pounds at the time of his death

3. Had a wife, five children and eight grandchildren

2. “Never forgot where he had come from and dedicated his time, energy and wealth into helping those less fortunate than himself”

1. Was “simply a fantastic man

Lindsay Robertson thinks you should look at the entire scope of a life and not just the way in which it ends.