Take These Tests While You're Reading This Post

I can do  both!There’s a big article in the Times this morning on the pressing issue of the moment: Computers Are They Making Us More Distracted And Etc.? (Clay “Nuh Uh” Shirky and Nicholas “Oh Yeah” Carr held forth on the same subject this weekend in the Journal.) Anyway, as all things must these days, the Times piece is accompanied online by two tests, one which measures your distractibility, the other of which sees how quickly you are able to switch between tasks. I took ’em both and kicked some serious ass even though I was actually reading the article in the print edition of the paper at the same time. I felt pretty good about myself for a second until I realized that here I was, reading the newspaper while taking a test on the Internet about whether or not “information addiction” is changing the way we process information, and you know what? Well played, you bastards. Well played indeed.