Sexiest Gallery Babes Fotogallery World Cup Fans Las Chicas del Mundial Hotties Contest [SLIDESHOW of other SLIDESHOWS]

HOTTIES SOCCER WORLD CUP GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!The World Cup is a economic boon for many interests. During the 2006 Cup, Adidas saw its sales increase a whopping 30%. Twitter is also reaping the World Cup whirlwind. And for online publications big and small, the World Cup means posting sexy WAG hottie fan babes GALLERY SLIDESHOWS.

Please note: it should be a working assumption that all links below may be, for some workplaces, NSFW.

From some dude’s crummy little blog to Life Magazine (Yes! LIFE: Sexy World Cup Fans!), a gallery of buxom hotties decked out in the minimum amount of clothing that allows them to still be identified by national partisanship is a pageview no-brainer. (Even the Village Voice , while hewing closer to their mission, understands this!)

And who cares if the photos posted in your “2010 World Cup Sexiest Fans” SLIDESHOW! are actually from 1998? Nobody cares, because everyone’s gallery is just stolen from others websites’ galleries.

Well, as I’ve been told that The Awl is, in fact, a commercial enterprise, it certainly should not be left out of the sweet, sweet pageview orgy.

So, what follows is a nearly comprehensive collection of hot sexy sex World Cup babe PHOTOS hottie fans contest SLIDESHOW links from the U.S., Germany, England, Italy, Mexico and around the world!


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