Strip Club In Old Schoolhouse Puts New Twist On Town Vs. Gown Tensions

A new strip club in south-central Illinois is operating out of a long-unused schoolhouse that, according to the Chicago Tribune, was once a place “where people gathered to sing hymns, attend 4-H meetings and sell homemade pies.” But after the Pioneer School was sold off for a mere $36,000 to local entrepreneurs who transformed it into The School House, the place had its “homey Midwestern feel” wiped clean. Out were the 4-H meetings; in was “a poster titled ‘Class Rules’ that reads ‘Keep hands off dancers'” and a VIP room inside what was once the teachers’ lounge. The hymns are still there, though, thanks to people who protest the club nightly with a sign that reads, “Does your family know where you are? Jesus does.” No word on if the homemade pies were replaced with nightly spins of Warrant’s “Cherry Pie,” which seems like a crucial detail to leave out.