Friday, May 7th, 2010

Here Is The Cell Phone Video Of Jeff Mangum Performing In New York Last Night

As predicted. He sounds great, no? (Also: "cameras weren't allowed so i tried to get by with my cell phone. i think the set was recorded though! so be on the look out for that.")

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Dan Kois (#646)

Look, I know these songs mean a lot to people, but why, why, why is everyone singing along? If I want to hear someone who isn't Jeff Mangum singing "Oh Comely," I'll listen to myself, in the car, whenever "Oh Comely" comes on. But the only time in your life that you get to hear Jeff Mangum singing, you're going to fill up your ears (and those of everyone around you) with your non-Jeff Mangum voice?

+1, and remember, about half of those around us are of below-average intelligence.

toodley (#4,794)

To be fair – I completely agree in principle, but I was lucky enough to be in attendance last night and in person, the Mangum-to-crowd sound ratio was much more lopsided than it sounds here. The crowd singing along was more like a soft thrum – definitely didn't come even close to eclipsing him, at least where I was standing. And he encouraged it on his last two songs, too.

So I think it's more a function of the sound equalizing capabilities of the cell phone in question, rather than the intelligence of the crowd. Though I will not defend the old idiot who walked by me after the set scoffing audibly, "I'd just as soon have seen George Harrison."

Dan Kois (#646)

I just realized that I chided people who actually bought and paid their way into a wonderful communal experience for their lack of consideration for me, a person who is watching that concert on a YouTube cell phone video.

sbma44 (#2,565)

If you stick with it, the crowd actually shuts up after a verse or two. Better quality audio than I expected!

toodley (#4,794)

I was there! I was the one weeping softly like a 12 yr old seeing a Jonas or whatever. That set really drank my milkshake; I had to go sit on a bench in the hallway afterward to recover. It was embarrassing.

DoctorDisaster (#1,970)

Goddamn it. Why do I bother living in Athens if Jeff Mangum finally does a set and it's way up in New York?

cherrispryte (#444)

Can I just say, I love the music posts so damn much.

I hate everyone non-Mangum who was there except those posting or commenting here.

Who is worse, the nitwits shouting some dumb shit like their moment in the sun has come or the self-righteous crowd-feeders who shush them mightily? Shut-ins FTW!

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