Céline Dion: The No. 1 Singer Among Americans Who Bother To Visit Polling Services' Web Sites

A Harris survey of some 2,320 adult Americans has deduced that the sorta-goofy Québecois singer Céline Dion is the most beloved warbler among the residents of this country. Sure, her last album barely scraped the one-million-sold mark, but her defiantly dorky charm and tendencies toward smacking herself in the chest — not to mention that song from Titanic — apparently continue to resonate with people who aren’t afraid to get out the vote… online. She has another three-year residency in Vegas coming up in 2011, and the people at Harris have helpfully broken out the demographic groups that its Facebook ads should target tout de suite:

• Women
• Married Women
• Democrats
• Moderates
• “Matures” (people over 65)
• East Coasters
• Southerners
• People with a household income between $35K and $49.9K
• People with a household income between $50K and $74.9K

So, pretty much “a lot of people”! Possibly worth noting: The only demographic groups whose favorite artists were Real Americans were: Single women (Rascal Flatts, ugh); Echo Boomers (a.k.a. “millennials”; they also prefer the aggressively bland country act); and Midwesterners (Tim McGraw). Apparently the self-proclaimed conservatives and Republicans who were surveyed love them some U2!

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