17 Facebook Replies To "Who Are You Taking With You To See Sex and the City 2?"

Inquiring Machines Want To Know
• Kzar Alfel Chan-Eusebio
im taking my girlfriends:)

• Daria Blake Walton
My aunt!

• Luigi Pepe

• Rachelle Sexton
My friend Tammy Ward!


• Ibrahim Kardashian

• Michela Zitti
All the women I know !!!

• Misty Carter
the girls!

• Neili Pahl
My mom!

• J Matthew Heaney
My three favorite people: Me, Myself, and I.

• Jackie Reader
lots of friends..and a few hidden cosmos ;)

• Mia Saarelainen
I think I’ll go and see it by myself.

• Angela Dobbs Mitcheltree
My awesome cohort, Timothy! = )

• Joe Fitrzyk
My gays.

• Sarah Gewalt

• Bree Loren Silva
my male coworker

• Cesi Cruz
Who else my 3 Besfriiends! Michelle (Miranda), Mandy (Charlotte), & Dee (Samantha) & Me (Carrie) … We’re even getting dressed up to see the Movie and then afterwards we’re hitting our local Trendy spots for COSMO’S!!! IT’S GIRLS NIGHT OUT … for Sex in The City movie 2 (Friday I finalize my divorcr … what a way to Celebrate THANK YOU CARRIE, SAMANTHA, CHARLOTTE, & MIRANDA!!!!)

• Rhonda Fran Nuzum-Stock
Rhiannon, my daughter