Christina Aguilera, "Not Myself Tonight"

Perhaps emboldened by the Internet’s more lax standards regarding swearing and simulated sex, the blustery songbird Christina Aguilera has returned to her hypersexualized “Dirrty” mode with the Hype Williams-directed video for her stridently club-ready comeback effort “Not Myself Tonight.” There is lapdancing, orgiastic throbbing that would make Paula Abdul blush, unbleeped usage of the word “fuck,” and clear homages to at least three videos from the past: Madonna’s “Express Yourself” (which was itself inspired by Metropolis); Madge’s stark episode of Kinky Hollywood Squares “Human Nature”; and George Michael’s “Freedom 90”. These throwbacky reference points would seem odd for a record that has been hyped to death as having semi-bleeding-edge types like M.I.A. and Le Tigre among its collaborators, but maybe the “modern” bit is supposed to be the part where she pours liquid latex all over herself?