Get Your Twitter Titles While They Last

"Thanks I'll Tweet It Here": Still available, but probably only useful to Lockhart SteeleNew York runs a story today by Awl pal Doree Shafrir about the “new generation of tech entrepreneurs in the city” who are “trying to overthrow old media and build a better New York.” Naturally the piece is headlined “Tweet Tweet Bang Bang,” a reference to the San Francisco-based Twitter. This is probably because most journalists only know two emerging tech companies, and “Foursquare” makes for lousy punning. Not satisfied with taking just one Twitter headline off the table, New York doubles up, referring to the story on the cover as “Life Is Tweet.” As a service to those of our friends in the media who are desperate to sex up a story with a headline featuring some variation of Twitter in its title, we’ve compiled a brief list of what’s already been taken, and a shorter selection of what’s still available. HURRY.

Already Used
“We Got The Tweet”
“Such Tweet Sorrow”
“The Tweetest Thing”
“Rinse and Retweet”
“How Tweet It Is”
“Tweeting a Dead Horse”
“The Tweet Sheet”
“Tweet and Lovely”
“Cheap Tweets”
“Trick Or Tweet”
“Advance and Retweet”
“Tweets Don’t Fail Me Now”
“If You Can’t Stand The Tweet”
“Tweet of the Drum”
“No Mean Tweet”
“Tweet Week”
“Meet and Tweet”
Most variations of “It’s Not The Tweet, It’s The Humidity”
“I Twit You Not”

Still Good
“Tweeter Than Honey”
“As Tweet As They Come”
“Tweet and Sour”
“Home Tweet Home”
“On The Hot Tweet”
“Body Tweet”
“Tweets of Strength”
“Victory and Detweet” (also, “Detweet is an Orphan”)
“Tweetings From Asbury Park”

“Tweet, Pray, Love,” while not yet having been used as a headline, is in fact an actual Twitter feed, so you’re gonna have to make a judgment call on that one. Otherwise I suggest sorting through the titles of old Looney Tunes shorts: there are bound to be a bunch of Sylvester cartoons that haven’t been used. Probably the really racist ones. Good luck!