Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Sally Quinn Column Undone

We hear it's "99% done" that Sally Quinn's Washington Post column is also done. Update: Ouch. Quinn's been moved to "online columnist" (welcome, dear!) and will mostly be about White People Jesus and tables, or something?

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Sally Quinn's column and the Hummer die on the same day. Do you think Monica Lewinsky a some twinge of closure here?

What percentage done is the WaPo as a whole?

hockeymom (#143)

Who will condescend to me now?

Tuna Surprise (#573)

Martha Stewart.

gregorg (#30)

Just in time to get back to the David Paterson story, which, hey-o! has another installment out tonight!

It's like Quinn's dilemma, except that instead of a wedding, Paterson called his wingman's ex-girlfriend and disinvited her from meeting with a judge.

Vulpes (#946)

And somewhere in the bowels of the White House, Desiree Rogers takes out her voodoo doll and smiles.

Flaneur (#998)

Wow, I just read Quinn's nondueling-weddings column, and it is HOR-rible. Exactly what would happen if your batty, petty, oversharing aunt had an untouchable column in a major metropolitan newspaper. Should have been printed out and impaled on an actual spike.

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