Friday, February 5th, 2010

"Bombshell" David Paterson "News" Forthcoming

YOU TWOWord is that crazy news about New York's governor is coming down the Times pike in the possibly very near future. (Déjà vu, anyone?) The Daily News' Liz Benjamin hears: "The rumor mill has been running overtime in recent weeks about Paterson and the possibility that a major newspaper is about to drop a bombshell story about his personal life that will be far worse than his acknowledged extramarital affair with a former state employee." And Observer media reporter John Koblin says: "anyone hearing about NYT bombshell on Paterson?" Don't you love Fridays? As a counterpoint: don't expect this to be as mindblowing as the Spitzer thing. For one thing, I mean, well, our standards with Paterson are kind of low. Also, we hear we might have to wait a while. The life of Mr. Paterson is a complicated thing to unravel, apparently!

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rj77 (#210)

That's what happens when you have lunch in New Jersey…

Fingerprints: Cuomo or Clintons?

It's a good thing we got Peter Luger guy to be our new Lieutenant Governor.

dado (#102)

It can't be any worse then Kerry Kennedy cheating on Andrew Cuomo, could it? I'd hate to see that whole mess getting dredged up again. Bruce Colley should remain forgotten.

KarenUhOh (#19)

Christ, Arnold Schwarzenegger better get busted on a peeper rap before noon or California isn't getting any press today.

HiredGoons (#603)

I'm going to go with: he's not actually blind.

(donkey sex!!!)

kneetoe (#1,881)

I hope it comes out first as a blind item.

Ok, you have company.

keisertroll (#1,117)

Well at least things aren't bad there astheyareinNEWJERZEE!!! NEWJERZEE!!!

Slackferno (#197)

a) not really blind
b) not really black
c) pregnant
d) actually Tiger Woods moonlighting because he heard politicians get plenty of tail.

Mackle (#446)

Client number 10.

souplines (#502)

Was it Snookie?

6h057 (#1,914)

I heard he was fucking Elliot.

So ABC's 20/200 got scooped, eh?

Alvin691 (#3,372)

Ummm, he is hosting his first TEA Party? Nope. He's cutting big government? Nope. He's as corrupt as the day is long? Most Likely.

He's pushing for large budget cuts, the Legislature wants to keep their member items instead.

Is this that story about how New York State Troopers aren't allowed in the Governor's mansion anymore? Because apparently a trooper who was part of the Governor's security detail caught him in a "compromising position" with a female staffer?

If so, it's an old story.

bobby shelby (#3,382)

what would bill do?

sit there on Capitol Hill?

Ananke (#3,223)

I was hoping for some voyeur/peeping tom jokes.

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