American Terrorist's Daughter: Flying Planes Into Buildings "Inappropriate"

TERROR FAMILYSamantha Bell, who is the daughter of Joe Stack, who flew a plane into a building last week, went on Good Morning America today, and, well, good morning, America! “Now maybe people will have to listen” was one of the things she said, though she noted that the actual killing of people with a plane was “wrong.” (Glad we can find some common ground I guess?) Also, he is a hero, the TV people wanted to know? Yes, yes he is, she said. Then GMA has some people on who do not agree that Joe Stack is a “hero.” Then GMA referred to the incident as a “tragedy.” They are teaching the controversy of flying planes into buildings. Up for debate: KILLING PEOPLE WITH AIRPLANES. IS IT RIGHT OR WRONG? Let’s DISCUSS IT SOME MORE until we all agree.