Monday, January 4th, 2010

And Hello, 2010, We Are Back

oh haiOh hi. We are back in the office after our brief vacation. What did we miss? What's that, you say? You were traumatized by your family/in-laws and drank too much too early and sometimes couldn't remember what day it was? There, we're all caught up! (I know, it's like I'm psychic, but I actually read about it on your Tumblr.) A few housekeeping notes. It is going to take us a million years to catch up on our email. We might never actually get there even? So if, between December 22 and yesterday, you emailed us about something we should know about and you didn't receive a reply, it is socially acceptable to re-send. Also we might be a little rusty the next few days. Be gentle.

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Jasmine (#8)

Just chiming in to say I LOVED the decade recaps. They were all amazing and different and interesting. They touched my sooul. Nice work on the recuitment effort…

Also: welcome back!

I concur. The "end of the 00s" pieces were great! Although we missed you guys, too.

/Breathes on nails.

/Buffs on sweater.

brianvan (#149)


cherrispryte (#444)

I am back in my office too. It sucks. What did not suck, however, was receiving my calendar! It is gorgeous. And the inclusion of Lech Walesa's birthday has warmed the cockles of my frozen Pollack heart. So yay for that.

HiredGoons (#603)

So who took the stairs today?

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