"We have nothing to fear from love and commitment."

I’m still digesting the failure of the gay marriage bill in the New York Senate. Shock and anger mingle with resignation. I mean, I know it’s going to happen some day. But, on balance, I’m more angry than I am resigned. And even though, obviously, this is not an issue that has a personal effect on me, there are a million reasons to feel irate about it. I’m not going to list them here, because this speech by Sen. Diane Savino (D-Staten Island) is an amazing summary of almost every reason why this bill should have passed. We’ve been listening here in the office to different speeches throughout the day, and most of them are exactly what you’d expect, but do me a favor and take the seven minutes to listen to this address. It is deeply powerful, completely rational, and utterly correct. I’d never heard of Sen. Savino before today, but I’m moved and extremely impressed. I hope the bill gets another chance soon. [Via]