Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

The Annotated White House Flickr Feed, with Ana Marie Cox and Jason Linkins: A Message To You, Salahi

That GuyOur President: so busy! So photographed! And here are Air America's Ana Marie Cox and the Huffington Post's Eat the Press editor Jason Linkins to trawl the documentary evidence of our White House in action.

Like much of daily life there, [the Salahi's] visit was recorded and uploaded on the White House Flickr feed, the always-on streaming window into "the people's house," a nickname that has never been more apt than under the current residents. Considering the White House's hulking, media-rich Web site, its Facebook page, photo galleries and podcasts on iTunes, the presidency seems less threatened by the incursion of a reality show than running an administration that is in danger of becoming one. -David Carr in the New York Times.

Um, hey… we think that this notion that the pictures of Pete Souza and friends create some form of transparency, for "the people" is a little mangled. These are staged shots, taken by photographers who hump around the White House grounds, hiding in trees and shooting fruit bowls. This is arty, nature photography-just focused on the White House. Reality is a made thing, and Pete Souza will frame it in a doorway, or the window of an automobile.

Also, we sort of think maybe Carr doesn't know what "streaming" means.


The evil genius of the Obama family is that they look SO NORMAL.




There's your economic recovery, people! The bridge to… well, it's hard say.


Go ahead, admit it, America: You're thinking about his cock.


Lovemaking was much better in the days before the Stupak amendment.


"You throw me the whip, I give you the idol!"


Ana Marie: Stalking AND framing? This has got to be Pete Souza.
Jason: I feel sorry for Pete Souza.
Ana Marie: Why? Because we make fun of him? Who else knows he EXISTS?
Jason: Because to get this shot, he had to run ahead of them on the lawn, and hide in the trees. Maybe he wore adult diapers in case he needed to pee BUT COULD NOT LEAVE HIS POST? He's like the serial killer in Manhunter. There is no dignity in that.
Ana Marie: Oh, I don't think there's intended to be.


It doesn't matter who you are, if you are framed (in an aesthetic sense!) Pete Souza will find you. And photograph you!

Is that the White House man cave? A refrigerator filled with "Steel Reserve"?

In the event of an earthquake, everyone please assemble quietly at Treasury, and, by all means, STAND UNDER LARGE CHANDELIERS. Especially you, Tim.

Wow, the first draft of the House health care bill WAS really long.

Ana Marie: People tell you there's a photograph out there of Michelle hula-hooping, and you think, no, that's not possible.
Jason: But there is.
Ana Marie: That is the age in which we live.

"Mine. All mine."

Jason: Wait. THAT'S how they display the previous winners of the Nobel Prize? Seriously?
Ana Marie: It sort of looks like the wall of fame at a Rotary Club.
Jason: Totally.
Ana Marie: Right down to the lack of black people.

Jason: That photo is like a trip inside Jonah Goldberg's brain!!
Ana: Except in that vision, Obama is on the side of the Empire. Fascist.


Pete Souza, framing a giant spider. You only get so many chances.


One of the Salahi's earlier, less successful attempts.

Jason: One of Politico's Mike Allen's earlier, less successful attempts.
Ana: Also a very literal interpretation of what it's like to be a Congressional Republican.


Ana Marie: Now that is fucking HEARTWARMING. Just try to make fun of that shit.
Jason: If you say so. The American Enterprise Institute had a whole conference on Obama ceding cultural hegemony to Maeve Beliveau, daughter of Director of Advance Emmett Beliveau.


Ana Marie: I just want to note that someone in that picture is drinking Diet Pepsi. HERETIC.
Also that someone is either Peter Orszag or Jim Jones. I'm guessing Jones. Fucking Republican.


It's weird they decided to do the "Thriller" dance.


Jason: Calm down, Matthew Yglesias. Maybe they are just prepping for a debate, Rove-style! That's how they beat John Kerry, you know.

Ana Marie: I think it's funny when a picture of people laughing is captioned as them "sharing a laugh." Because otherwise…?
Jason: It would read: "President Obama awkwardly pretends to get the joke"?
Ana Marie: "Biden pretends not to notice the joke is about him"?
Jason: Oh, I think he knows the joke is about him. He has all those long train trips to figure that out.

And now, this week, in "I FRAMED THIS" by Pete Souza:



OBAMA: "OH HAI, are you my new call center staff?"
DOODZ: "Not since Tim Geithner's been in charge of the economy!"


Just want to point out that only Katie Johnson is actually working.


I just want to point out that Pete Souza and his fellow photographers have been slaving at this Official White House Photographer beat every day. And it's sad that this is the image they'll be best known for shooting. I mean. What makes a man start fires? THIS KIND OF SHIT.

Seriously. When this idea was conceived, I bet everyone involved thought, "Man! We'll be getting all these iconic shots of Barack Obama, pensive at the Great Wall of China, and it will be awesome. Every day: a little more awesome." And instead, this little Flickr Feed will achieve immortality because it snapped a picture of these fucking gatecrashing wannabe celebutard dipshits. And, Salahis, we live in the same town, so hopefully I'll one day get to say this to your faces. But this Christmastime, you two can just go and eat a massive bag of envenomed dicks. Really. That's from the heart.

The Noodle making demonstration. It's why Nixon went to China in the first place.


"Baby… delicious, delicious Japanese baby."


"Obama wonders if the West Point superintendents' office might look better with a LINCOLN portrait… A Lincoln portrait… yeah…."


"Jeez, Japan…. I haven't felt this awkward since I appointed Hillary."


This looks like a deleted scene from COUPLES RETREAT.


That's what Pete Souza looks like in the anime version of the White House.


And, Mr. President, we thought the one you call "Pete Souza" would enjoy our nation's famous Tiny Corridor of Odd-Shaped Windows.


Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper ratify the North American "Bros Before Hos" treaty at Singapore's most famous disco.


Merry Christmas from your Awl White House Flickr Annotators!

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Fantastic as always

Ted Maul (#205)

Ha. Just ha.

Bittersweet (#765)

More frames! Yay!

I'm going to try to forget that whole Salahi thing as soon as possible (so they can go back to the obscurity they so richly deserve) and focus on how freakin' awesome Michele looked that night. Damn.

kielix (#2,592)

Loved this. So many frames and Pete Souza jokes.

Also, I hate to say it, but I think it's Souza drinking the Diet Pepsi. Heretic indeed.

kielix (#2,592)

Or should I say Orszag drinking the Pepsi. *sigh*

sigerson (#179)

How many drinks do you think it takes to get the President drunk? He's a little low on body fat percentage, so I would think 2-3 beers. But, then again he's not a teetotaler like his predecessor, so his tolerance has got to be up there. Maybe 5 beers?

Exceptional trawlin'.

I actually read "Lou Dobbs" as "Lou Diamond Phillips" at first. Damn associative memory.

Zeth (#1,267)

Every time I read this feature, it ends in tears and uncontrollable giggling.

This is awesome. The funny in these captions is built up really subtly : with the first ones I was "OK, not bad if a bit douchey", and near the end I was litteraly laughing out loud in front of my screen.

Now, I am going to spend my day with the image in my head of a Pete Souza in man-diapers lurking behind window frames. Or any frames. So many frames out there !!!

BlinkyMcChuck (#202)

The Fairy in the Bubble put you over the top. Huzzah.

katiebakes (#32)

Oh man, Hillary's hair looks INCREDIBLE in the Diet Pepsi shot, you know?!

joshc (#442)

you two are the bestest of the internet.

mjfrombuffalo (#2,561)

Oh, he's getting all construction-speak on the "framing" theme by this picture involving the lumber department. http://twitpic.com/uiksu

Magister (#1,444)

Of course brilliant, but if I might make one suggestion; I tried to link the whole series to a comment on another blog (Congrats!), but they aren't all marked with the single-subject tag that debuted on this post.

IOW: Somebody might want to go back and uniformly tag all of the entries in this series, which is getting better every time.

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