Worn Out: How Much Does it Cost for Gareth Pugh to Get You Gaybashed?

PUGH YOUDesigner Gareth Pugh really is wonderful because he makes really messed-up things for ladies to wear, hence why you see the Space Vampire Rihanna putting that business on. But the biggest problem in fashion (of fashion’s eight biggest problems) today-designers who make great crazy things for women but can’t figure out what to do with men-is his huge stumbling block. Let us take a tour of the floor of Barneys, and we will tell you how much it costs to dress up as a really gay guy from the future next Halloween.

So, this is an outfit for a man, yes.

PUGH???Fortunately mannequins don’t have buttcrack, but YOU DO.


How much will this cost you?

Neck thing: $190
That bolero “tuxedo” jacket: $2020.
Elastic slit body thingy: $595
Pants: $1215
Shoes: Oh my God, who knows, because, Jesus.

And if you want the shiny vest in a way-overly-long jacket size? It’ll cost you $3,495.00.

Gareth! WE LIKE YOU. But what is the big idea here?

Here is a garment that should not exist at this place and time, and I know this just sounds like internalized homophobia, but I swear it’s not, because I respect the queeny and the swish, but even this mannequin is limpwristed.


How much? “Stretch jersey tank in optical illusion print with longer hem in rear. Available in Black/White. Imported. Rayon. Dry clean. $515.00”

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