Swiss Drug Pushers Actually Do Own Our Government

UGHWere you having a nice giant paper cup of coffee and maybe a waffle on Sunday morning when, in a fit of old-schoolness, you decided to act like days of yore and read your Sunday New York Times? How pleasant! Until you actually read the page one story about how lobbyists for Genentech, a subsidiary of Roche, actually write the things that our elected officials put in the Congressional Record. Yes! Our elected officials-at best-regurgitate drug lobby talking points on healthcare. And they’re all there, from Joe “YOU LIE!” Wilsons to Yvette Clarke, from whom we’d expect a little better. But that’ll teach us to expect things. Is it a legal problem to say that it is my opinion, though I would do no such thing myself, of course, that the only political answer is that they should all be taken out back and shot? And then dismembered, and the remaining pieces of them shot individually, while every available orifice is filled with Raptiva and Xenical? Ha, oh look! “In the last year, the industry has raised the wholesale prices of brand-name prescription drugs by about 9 percent, according to industry analysts. That will add more than $10 billion to the nation’s drug bill.”