Study: British Children Are Incredibly Stupid

Hell of a coach, that HitlerA study of 2000 British children aged 9-15 revealed that more than one in 20 “thought Hitler managed Germany’s football team rather than the leader of the fascist Nazi Party” while “one in six children believed Auschwitz was a World War Two theme park.”

This may seem unlikely, but it becomes somewhat more plausible when you read the results of another survey indicating that “more than half of children aged between four and 12 struggled to recognise a crocodile while 44 per cent were unable to identify a leopard. Many children also had difficulty recognising gorillas and chimpanzees while others could not tell the difference between a male and female lion.” Now, to be sure, both of those studies were conducted by interested parties (the animal study was, in fact, put together by a videogame company pushing a new zoo-themed title), but it probably does say something about the state of education in Britain, particularly when you consider that pretty much every British child can tell you the brand, type of blade, and potential for grievous bodily harm of every knife on that island.