Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Seriously Stuck in My Head: Muppets Do 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

What can I say? asljkfasdljf 7KZD9RS9ZD4H FRZZ9KTHG65K ?!


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beingiseasy (#1,735)

in HD, no less!

Needs more Sweetums

Gonna have to say Beeker stole the show on this one.

Two thumbs Manamanah.

Doo doo dee doo doo.

1. Giving Animal the murderous verse lets them censor the song while at the same time amping up the existential angst. Well played.
2. Everything is going so well until Piggy shows up.

That is almost precisely what I was going to say about the Animal portion. Well played indeed.

How can bad moods exist with things like this in the world?

Cord_Jefferson (#2,111)

For my money, it's the Swedish Chef at 2:40.

My excitement about Beeker was eclipsed by an unexpected cameo from Sam the Eagle.

Thanks for bringing this into my life.

This is my favorite thing ever in the history of the world.

Makes me miss Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl even more (and, for the Muppets, Frank Oz).

blatanville (#860)

haters have a hole where their heart should be.

Now I wanna see the Muppets do 'November Rain'

mathnet (#27)


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