It's Actually Sad That You Didn't Vote

MM HMMHere is a screed by John Carney, blogger, against voting today in New York City. You can pick it apart on ideology or ethics any way you like, and there are many ways (for instance, politicians aren’t all “doppelgangers”! While most are total scuzzballs, some of them will make different choices than some others, it turns out!) but mostly it just left me sad. It’s like reading the ten different rationales that a drunk talks himself into another drink. It’s like reading about disaffected post-adolescents sexting each other in New York magazine! If you aren’t sure about voting today, lemme give you one good reason: voting against Mike Bloomberg just felt great. (Perhaps for you, voting for him will feel great!) Does my vote matter? Not really! Are the reasons that I voted against him intelligible from my vote? Of course not-my ballot would have to be accompanied by a three-page rider that no one would ever read. Do I know why I voted? I sure do. Anyway, you can obviously see Carney’s argument doesn’t hold up when you export it to other states and cities-like, say, Maine, and Washington state and Houston. But it’s okay. He’s got a blog, with which to effect exciting governmental and social policy! Also this is probably his hilarious ironic way of getting you to actually go vote.