Introducing our New Vertical: For Moms Only!

PROSTIE? OR MOMMY?Kidding! This parenting blog gravy train is pretty awesome though. And, thanks to a big article in the LA Times about how they are all product-scarfing prostitutes, the mommy bloggers are all up in arms today. (Most hilarious sentence: “Kraft Foods curried favor with mommy bloggers by bringing some to Los Angeles for the Grilled Cheese Invitational, in an effort to get online parents hungry for cheese.”) One mommy-blogger, Christine, quoted in the article-she said “My business is not to bash companies. My business is to create buzz for the products and services we enjoy.”-had her husband post a defense on her blog! “Wisk laundry detergent recently invited Christine, all expenses paid, to New York City for a couple of days so she could learn about their product. How fun would that have been? But since she’s sold on Tide (no offense to Wisk, which I’m sure has a good product) and she uses it on the bazillion loads of laundry our family churns out each week, she turned Wisk down.” Well then, case closed.