Thursday, November 12th, 2009

How To Draw Asian Women

This amazing and totally REAL. Seriously, watch this man, he is a talent. You start off all "Oh, hell naw" and then all your doubt disappears because when he's done it's as if the pretty slanty lady will springroll up off that page and make you some ill dumplings with her tiny feet because she is that dexterous and also obliging. I swear to God her wanton skins are as delicate as whispered magic. Try it. So beautiful.

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josh_speed (#97)

Bitch in the drawing looks like Pocahontas with hyperthyroidism.

Tuna Surprise (#573)

Needs more Hello Kitty.

GiovanniGF (#224)

It does look remarkably like the young lady in the "Find Your Thai Beauty Today!" banner ad showing up on the right of this page.

garge (#736)

I was so pissed that was taken and I was stuck with .net


Bucko (#1,599)

I was expected racist shit and all that happened was some sort of thalidomide-baby stubby arm shit.

lempha (#581)

"Well that's what they look like!"

KarenUhOh (#19)

But I can only be admitted to the school if I draw the Crusty Sea Captain.

IBentMyWookie (#133)

Hmm. Needs more of an "appears misleadingly submissive around men but is super bitchy with other women" vibe. Perhaps a few chopsticks in the hair?

Abe Sauer (#148)
Mary HK Choi (#1,469)

I HAVE READ EXCERPTS FROM THIS BOOK. Also, are there yellow fever anonymous groups? I want to know about them.

Abe Sauer (#148)

I have many acquaintances that belong in one of those.

IBentMyWookie (#133)

Yeah. "Acquaintances"

cheveux (#2,081)

I hope nobody actually pays that guy for being a cartoonist!

Not to be nitpicky at all, but I always enjoy when people confuse "wanton" and "wonton."

"Wanton soup" sounds so delightfully libertine.

badthings (#1,903)

I'm glad you said it first!

slinkimalinki (#182)

"her wanton skins" will be my next book title.

I salute you, sir/madam for bringing my germ of a joke to full-flowering hilarity.

slinkimalinki (#182)

i salute you for supplying the original joke. you are too modest (and i'm a "madam").

H. P. (#2,201)

Take the basic face
Beautiful eyes with a shine
Have a lot of fun

kneetoe (#1,881)

The beauty of it is that there's very little to change to make it a picture of Asian man.

ejcsanfran (#489)

I just got back from Japan and most of the women carried purses – exactly like in his drawing! It's rather uncanny.

Of course, the real reason I commented on this post was for the opportunity to lead with "I just got back from Japan"…

Maevemealone (#968)

I bet Cat the cat is purring and rubbing his face on the screen a lot.

Jasmine (#8)

Maybe it's because I'm only half asian that I'm having trouble relating to this here drawing.

Also: WTF…

Eureka Street (#1,349)

Oooh, oooh! Now do an Arab!

Fifi (#1,639)

Looks like the opening cartoon on I Dream of Jeannie.

HiredGoons (#603)

He should work for the New York Post.

Cameron (#2,210)

Straight up jacked from the Fox News "people are saying" school of being retarded.

iplaudius (#1,066)

I know a ventriloquist who could really work well with this guy.

Is she one of those Asian women who bleach their hair blond? Cause that hair is pretty light.

slinkimalinki (#182)

extraordinaire indeed, my friend, extraordinaire indeed.

svtpilot (#2,224)

I keep searching "How do you pick up Asian women" and this is all I get.

Vera Knoop (#2,167)

She looks like a stoned Scandinavian to me.

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