Homeless Chic? It Still Costs Thousands of Dollars

HOMELESS CHICHere is an outfit on a mannequin at Bergdorf Goodman’s men’s store in New York City. How much do you think these frayed shorts, long underwear and grungy sweater cost? I will tell you!

Here are the long underwear.

LONG UNDERWHOAFor $525, yes.

SWEATERAnd that (actually quite adorable) sweater? $770.

The shorts, which, let’s be crude, arrive with highly suspicious stains already on them?


So let’s see! That’s $1765 already, not counting the two shirts and the boots, for what basically look like exquisitely-made clothes you found in a dumpster. Also don’t forget what are surely a $140 pair of socks. (Do the kids wear socks these days?) So this is basically a $3000 outfit.

The designer is Michael Bastian. And I like him! He was hailed by the Times this summer for his “magic formula” that gives men “slimmed-down, spiffed-up versions of the all-American clothes they have long loved,” and whose “melancholy fall 2009 show imagined a pack of trust-fund Jack Kerouacs hitchhiking their way west.” His spring line is a very odd combination of garbage casual wear and gorgeous suits. But these fall clothes, all homeless-style-well, you know, it turns out to maybe not have been a great time to do this?