Ethnic Dong and 55 Other Chinese Flavors

and a gelao to you tooI’m not really into Chinese people because I blame them for stealing Hong Kong from me and my asshole expat friends with the fervor and myopia of the child that I am. But then I remember that the Mainland is ginormous and that there are many sorts of Chinese people and that if anyone’s down with the aliens it’s them. Ni hao and xie xie. So here’s a photo gallery of 56 of the “officially recognized nationalities” of China that is gorgeous because these peoples know how to weave and dye them some banging fabric. It is also really informative for anyone who saw Gran Torino and thought Hmong was a made-up thing and that Yugers were white kids who talked wiggerishly and wore New Eras. But I feel weird on these dusky Koreans who live in Chinese mountains and make a totally different type of kimchi that is sort of bland because our country is already torn and I feel like they should pick a different, more South Korean side if they’re going to live in Asia anyway. But I realize this is unreasonable seeing as I live in America for the snacks and the fast Internet.