Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Daniel Nardicio on the Levi Johnston Media Circus

DANNY BOYPlaygirl's Daniel Nardicio (who, for the record, does indeed throw a really good party) very graciously responds to former Playgirl editor Jessanne Collins', who wrote here yesterday that his slagging off of the since-fired staff of the magazine was out of line : "I shot off at the mouth about them and it was childish and they deserved better." Related! His thoughts on the Levi Johnston nude modeling brouhaha: "this whole media circus is one crazy, fun, mind altering baby step in the right direction for Playgirl and frankly, for me." Oh this modern age!

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LMGTS (#2,177)

Awil editors check your email perhaps you might have facts to support the article written by the former Playgirl editor. Daniel Nardicio is nothing short of a liar that has cleverly used the mainstream media. Check your email.

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