Baby Monitor Punished for Being too Awesome

no crying he makes.So this guy Wes Denkov is filing a class action lawsuit against this baby monitor company because the microphone was so sensitive it could pick up conversations from rooms outside of the nursery and cross streams and grab footage from the monitor NEXT DOOR. I get the whole, “I don’t want other people tuning in on my baby’s channel like he’s some kiddie pool of husky puppies,” but let’s face it, a solo non-famous baby, sans a unicorn horn shaped like the virgin Mary crying blood tears or a tiny charming mermaid tail, is not that spesh, right? No offense DAD but you’re the one who was too lazy to stand guard over your baby 24/7/365 with a tiny mirror affixed to its pie hole and holding a poultice on its fontanelle LIKE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO so don’t blame the radiation portal that YOU bought to put by baby’s face for your problems.