Among the Pod People: Jail as Panopticon

PODSAwl correspondent Natasha Vargas-Cooper publishes a very human-to-human conversation with Kari Ferrell today, who explains, among other things, what it’s like in jail:

As with most of society, I assumed that the only people incarcerated were individuals who R Kelly’d little boys, and those who like freebasing crack cocaine out of human skulls. There have been girls in here for such things as unpaid parking tickets, driving without insurance, jay walking (seriously! And it was her only charge-spent four days in here) and giving a blowjob to her partner (by marriage) at a park. (Hello, who hasn’t done that?) Obviously there are those in here for more serious crimes, and that is unsurprising, but jay walking? …. the most unsurprising thing is that it’s exactly how I thought it would be: It’s the Orwellian nature of jail itself.

Two things: this is the first interesting thing we’ve read about this person since Doree Shafrir wrote first about the story. The other is: I am long past ready for us all to obsess about a new criminal now.