Friday, October 23rd, 2009

'Vanity Fair' Layoffs: More Than 80% Female

Layoffs at Vanity Fair have been ongoing since yesterday-they're not centralized, which means that editor Graydon Carter need not be present. And that's handy, as the rumor that Carter was on a private plane is indeed said by staffers to be true. Well, while he was out, a trend emerged, according to a staffer, as department heads made their layoff choices. Of the 13 or so let go so far-with possibly a few more yet to come-only two were men. And of the 11 women let go, it's estimated that just three five of them were under 35. The overall office population, with some variation by department (photo and fashion are mostly women; editors are largely men), has a fairly even gender distribution. Although the one senior editor that was laid off was a woman.

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andrea (#1,025)

I'd be curious as to how many of them were moms, especially moms of small children (who are demanding of parental time). That's a trend I've DEFINITELY seen.

HiredGoons (#603)

Would. Not. Be. Surprised.

twobyfour (#2,023)

I didn't work at Vanity Fair, but I am one of those moms with small children who got laid off at another magazine.

IBentMyWookie (#133)

Is George Wayne still receiving a cheque? The answer to that question will determine whether or not I emit a soul-shattering scream….

HiredGoons (#603)

More like Vanity UNFair! AmIrighteramIright!?

kneetoe (#1,881)

Also, so much for being the fairer sex.

mathnet (#27)

What it means is, the pink slips have boobs and a tiny ween.

mcbeachy (#548)

My guess would be that they laid off mostly assistants, which would account for the high number of women.

raincoaster (#628)

How many of them are children of the rich and famous?

Kataphraktos (#226)

"This picture of Graydon Carter was secretly replaced with one of Pumpkinhead. Let's see if they'll notice!"

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