There's One Of Him, But In Some Ways, He's Like The Beatles

kanye paulSo Britain’s NME reports that Kanye West is going to an ashram in Pondicherry (such a pretty name for a city, and one that would also make a nice title for a slack dancehall tune) for a month of meditative recuperation after his embarrassing outburst at last month’s MTV Video Awards. (Did you happen to hear about that?) This could be very good.

Besides the fact that Kanye probably could use some mellowing-out time, trips to India have yielded great music in the past. The Beatles, after all, came home from their 1968 hippie-trail Hindu pilgrimage with the songs that made up The White Album. (Note: contact Jay-Z and Danger Mouse for possible posse cut). Here’s hoping Kanye finds some inner peace. But then please let him get bored and disillusioned with his maharishi. (Maybe the guy could hit on Amber Rose?) So he writes a bunch of stuff as inspired as “Sexy Sadie” or “Blackbird” or or “Happiness Is a Warm Gun” or “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” (Note: contact RZA and Dhani Harrison for a possible posse cut.)