The Junket Generation: The Thrillist Jet Blue Starbucks JetMystery Junket Attendee List

I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THIS ISOver the weekend, the website Thrillist, in cooperation with their partners Jet Blue and Starbucks and Sandals Resorts and some other fine businesses, threw a free mystery-destination weekend junket vacation for around 150 people-bloggers, PR people, reporters, tech folks and other youngsters. They ended up in Jamaica! Who were they all? It’s hard to tell, if you don’t get out much. From Googling super-hard, though, we’ve come up with about 1/3rd of the guest list. This is useful to have on the record.

Adam Hirsch
Adam Rich
Alex Gittleson
Alyssa Giacobbe
Amber Ettinger
Ami Kealoha
Anna Jane Grossman
Ben Hindeman
Ben Lerer
Benjamin Ochnio
Carson Griffith
Courtney Scott
Cristina Everett
Dan Gould
Dorothy McGivney
Elizabeth Brady
Ellie Rountree
Erika Panasci
Evan Orensten
Flavie Bagnol
Gideon Yago
Jessica Amason
John Wiseman
Justin Stefano
Kathleen Perricone
Kelly Brady
Kurt Soller
Lara Wyss
Libby Pigg
Lindsay Damast
Liz Arnold
Mark O’Neill
Michael Rothman
Mike Albo
Mike Smayo
Morgan Johnston
Naomi Piercey
Nick McGlynn
Peter Muse
Phillippe von Borries
Robert Quigley
Sharon Feder
Shira Levine
William Yau

Do you have someone to add? Let us know!