Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

The Junket Generation: The Thrillist Jet Blue Starbucks JetMystery Junket Attendee List

I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THIS ISOver the weekend, the website Thrillist, in cooperation with their partners Jet Blue and Starbucks and Sandals Resorts and some other fine businesses, threw a free mystery-destination weekend junket vacation for around 150 people-bloggers, PR people, reporters, tech folks and other youngsters. They ended up in Jamaica! Who were they all? It's hard to tell, if you don't get out much. From Googling super-hard, though, we've come up with about 1/3rd of the guest list. This is useful to have on the record.

Adam Hirsch
Adam Rich
Alex Gittleson
Alyssa Giacobbe
Amber Ettinger
Ami Kealoha
Anna Jane Grossman
Ben Hindeman
Ben Lerer
Benjamin Ochnio
Carson Griffith
Courtney Scott
Cristina Everett
Dan Gould
Dorothy McGivney
Elizabeth Brady
Ellie Rountree
Erika Panasci
Evan Orensten
Flavie Bagnol
Gideon Yago
Jessica Amason
John Wiseman
Justin Stefano
Kathleen Perricone
Kelly Brady
Kurt Soller
Lara Wyss
Libby Pigg
Lindsay Damast
Liz Arnold
Mark O'Neill
Michael Rothman
Mike Albo
Mike Smayo
Morgan Johnston
Naomi Piercey
Nick McGlynn
Peter Muse
Phillippe von Borries
Robert Quigley
Sharon Feder
Shira Levine
William Yau

Do you have someone to add? Let us know!

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HiredGoons (#603)

There were two women named Courtney Scott?

Also: cursive logos are tacky.

joeclark (#651)

It’s Mistral. There’s an entire parapsychology to the usage of that typeface, a real gem by Roger Excoffon (who was the first and last designer to use it well).

mathnet (#27)

Oh! You know who else went?

Carson Griffith
Courtney Scott
John Wiseman
Naomi Piercey

I forgot to cut a couple dupes! Fixed.

Tuna Surprise (#573)

A website without a gaggle of unpaid interns is a sad, scary thing.

mathnet (#27)

Yes, fine. Make me look like an idiot.

mathnet (#27)


NinetyNine (#98)

Is Sandals part of the Curves empire?

narnio (#38)

See, this works for me.

We know who wasn't there!

HiredGoons (#603)

Oh GOD I had the same thing happen to me! Terrrrrrible! Imagine Woody Allen in and episode of OZ.

fek (#93)

Correct! Ben Barna was supposed to go but instead decided to get arrested instead. The distinct charms of the 79th Precinct Holding Cells beat out Sandals anyday, and also, guess where Ben has a better chance of getting laid. Brian Kantor in sales took a friend instead. I was not invited because I haven't taken a vacation in (X) number of days and the universe hates me.

fek (#93)


Hez (#147)

Awww. I'll be extra nice to both of you today, then. (Rifle Mohney's desk for booze if you get the sads in a big way. You know he's hiding the good shit.)

mike albo should write an awl column about it

johnpseudonym (#1,452)

Thanks anyway, already on top of it – most of those folks are on my "to stalk" list.

Altogether now: "Shame! Shame!"

I don't know who she is either, but I'd like to hang out in Jamaica with her.

Also, I haven't been to Gawk much lately, which is probably why I can't remember the name of their favorite/least-favorite fame-whore blogger. Really, I can't! Yay!

Apropos of absolutely nothing, am I the only one who thinks Gideon Yago sounds like the name of a Rocky villain?

Libby Pigg seems to be a unfortunate name to have in elementary and/or junior high school.

HiredGoons (#603)

Wasn't that Nan Kempner's nickname for Ted Kennedy?

brianvan (#149)

Some of those people are cool with me and vice versa, and I have no desire snark on them for being non-A-list, but if Gideon Yago is going on blogger charter flights because he's got nothing better to do, then we have won the culture wars. I'd expect this sort of thing from Jesse Camp instead.

Nick McGlynn needs to get all Getty Images and start taking names.

Also, wasn't this a contest?

Soup (#119)

Oh cmon, they were all just celebrating the new FTC guidelines.

narnio (#38)

This works, also.

katiebakes (#32)

Eh, you're one for two.

Rod T (#33)

I once wrote a request to Thrillist: "Please take me off your mailing list, you sophomoric homophobes."

They have yet to honor my request.

sigerson (#179)

I removed from their list and they emailed to ask why. My response – "because you're all douchebags" – went unanswered.

sloupe (#1,995)

Oooo…several of them are Starbucks employees…

Lara Wyss on your list is one of them. Sanja Gould is one not on your list but in a photo on Thrillist.

What could be more fun in Jamaica than instant coffee? (I realize anything could be more fun in Jamaica).

Flashman (#418)

Is that the same Adam Rich who was the annoying blond brat in Eight is Enough?

This is the only thing in my mind at the moment.

mantoosh (#1,999)

Don't forget Sheila Marikar, Ty Henderson, Lauren Berkemeyer, Nadia Croes, Maria from Maxim, the Mashable peeps….

Kurt Soller and Mike Albo can go on junkets? Veddy interesting Newsweek and NY Times, veddy interesting.

graficzny (#2,001)

"Sandals" brings to mind nail clippers and pedi-eggs not resort, and that "Silk Stalkings" font is an affront to all that is good.

mantoosh (#1,999)

Lauren Salazar from New York magazine.

joeclark (#651)

I like how you alphabetized them by given name, as though this were the Icelandic phone book.

dorothy (#1,694)


It's me! Longtime reader and junketeer. I went on the trip! And my name is on the list. I wish I could give you more but I hid in my (free, free, free) hotel room most of the time.

I wrote a little blog post about all this if The Awl commenters have any interest:

Thank you,


mantoosh (#1,999)

This list is racist. You left out all the African American media people.

Robert Quigley (#2,006)

Just to clarify: the "Robert Quigley" on the list is not me. I'm the social media editor at the Austin American-Statesman. I have never been to Jamaica, even on my own dime.

Jamie Peck (#2,018)

Liz Armstrong from Vice went and wrote a pretty good piece about it. My favorite line: "Jayson Blair and bloggers killed ethics a long time ago; it’s impolite to dissect a corpse, so let’s all move on."

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