My Brain Doesn't Work Like Jonathan Franzen's

INSIDESo, okay, there is story about narrative and attention span and print and Internet, and part of it goes like this: “‘We experience our lives in narrative form,’ says novelist Jonathan Franzen. ‘If you can’t order things in a narrative fashion, your life is a chaotic bowl of mush.'” That is not how I visualize my mind or my life at all! I thought we were all pretty convinced that there were freeway offramp pathways between topics, and filing cabinets of things that are filed next to associated things, instead of by some structured use of the alphabet or by some mental Dewey Decimal system. It is a strandy system of meshes, like in some Charles and Ray Eames movie that doesn’t exist that I am probably confusing with something else but in which a 3D atomic logo has a little sparky bulb floating around its metal tracks. It most certainly is not like “And then next in April of 1993…” in my brain. Or not even “And I understood Experience X because previously Things Y and Events Z occurred to me,” though there of course is some neural pathway buildup thingie that maybe resembles this, expect in the mix are ideas about how to properly cook onions and what burnt beard tastes like and how hot things will burn your hands, or something. Anyway I read this whole article and IDK. That’s Internet chat abbreviation for I DON’T KNOW. I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now!