Let's Blow Up The Moon!

Smack my moon upYou know what I hate? The fucking moon. Big white piece of shit with a rabbit on it. Makes people go crazy every time it’s full. You can put a man on it, but you can’t find a cure for the common swine flu. Who needs it? Fuck you, moon! That’s why I’m so thrilled to learn that NASA, in its infinite wisdom, is gonna smack the shit out of that sucker with a high-speed impact probe on Friday. Oh, sure, they say it’s all about trying to learn more regarding the ice buried deep beneath its surface, but you and I both know NASA hates the moon too. They are probably sick of being reminded that going to the moon was their last operation not involving exploding astronauts that people really paid attention to. You’ve had it coming for a long time, moon. Take it all, bitch!