Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Herta Müller Gets Big Book Award

Uh huh HertaHerta Müller, the Romanian-born German novelist whose Heute wär ich mir lieber nicht begegnet and Eine warme Kartoffel ist ein warmes Bett are just two of the titles listed under the "Works" section of her Wikipedia entry, has won this year's Nobel Prize for Literature, joining such recent notables as JMG Le Clézio and Gao Xingjian! I guess it's a good thing that President Obama didn't put his prestige on the line to campaign for Philip Roth.

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mathnet (#27)

Bitch! "I'd Rather Not Meet Today" is the working title of my autobiography.

josh_speed (#97)

A Warm Potato is a Warm Bed??
So they have cretinous kids in Germany that faux-edit wiki too?

Ron Obvious (#351)

Wow, when I saw that photo, for a moment I thought Rudy Giuliani was letting his freak flag fly again. I wonder if Frau Mueller spends much time in Wales participating in ultimate fighting contests?

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