GDP Growth Proves We Don't Even Need All These Unemployed Losers

The most hilarious of the RECESSION OVER stories this morning-on the news that the GDP increased by 3.5% over a year ago-comes from the Washington Post. How are consumers doing? “Armed with cash from government support programs, consumers led the rebound in the third quarter, snapping up cars and homes.” Really! Snapping up, you say, with their… cash for clunkers money? The other tier of our fine country’s growth: “The cheaper dollar is aiding U.S. exporters, making their goods less expensive to foreign buyers. Exports of U.S. goods soared at an annualized rate of 21.4 percent in the third quarter, the most since the final quarter of 1996.” (Oh hey, maybe this means the national debt is now less than 70-something percent of the GDP? No?) So what does this mean? It actually seems to mean: If the government spends a big bunch of money, and if the dollar is also depressed enough to make international export attractive, then we basically don’t need 20% of the active workforce to have the jobs they don’t have! This bodes really well for the future. (And for us having death panels, and stadiums full of live human cage matches.)