Every Woman In Britain Is Drunk Right Now

Vomiting ladette“A DRUNKEN young girl’s night out ends with her hunched and heaving in the road – next to a poster urging moderate drinking,” reports Britain’s Sun of an incident that took place, of course, in Cardiff. “Figures show British women drink twice as much as in any other nation – increasing their risk of alcohol-related death, crime, sexual diseases and accidents.” So for those of you inclined to tut-tut the paper for cheap sensationalism, be aware that this is an actual news story pegged to Britain’s terrible female drinking problem. Anything else? “The sickening scene in our main picture was in Cardiff. But there are similar degrading sights across Britain every weekend – as this investigation by The Sun reveals. See slideshow, below, for pics of lashed-up lasses.” Ah, yes, the slideshow! Thanks for that! (Below, in at attempt at gender equity, a recent Sun piece that shows the men of Knifecrime Island can be just as staggeringly drunk as the women.)

How much do I love this headline?We need to use the word “lout” more on this side of the pond, don’t you think?