Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Colorado's Persistent Bear Problem

Alas, poor bearA Vail woman fought off a bear by throwing a decorative pillow at it. The story does not end on a happy note for the bear.


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Baboleen (#1,430)

Sally better keep an eye out for papa bear.

garge (#736)

I read that if a bear makes a bop-bop-bop sound, it is easily offended by upholstery.

BoHan (#29)

Vail? Get your facts right. That woman threw "Cocoon by Chanel."

johnpseudonym (#1,452)

I knew those silly shams had some hidden,real purpose!

bb (#295)

"The problem is that the bears associate homes with food, he said."
that's not exactly the problem. And I'm not just talking about the glaring verb tense/declension issues throughout that article.

katiebakes (#32)

The bear then went into a kitchen and rummaged through the garbage, cupboards and drawers. The bear tasting some chili and some ice cream but seemed to prefer chicken wings from a local barbecue restaurant, Rebehn said.

bb (#295)

yep. also When the animal was about 12 feet away, she started screamed and the bear got up on its hind legs, she said.
and misplaced modifier

The agency wants to educate homeowners about attracting bears and relocate bears that have wandered into neighborhoods before putting animals down, Hampton said.

brad (#1,678)

good christ, get your priorities straight. there are sofa eating bears everywhere. eating our sofas. why does obama hate our sofas?

"Wildlife officers found nothing specific that would have attracted the bears to Rebehn's house, Hampton said."

What about the Moe's Barbecue?

garge (#736)

Also, how did they keep track of which cub followed mom into the house, and was subsequently offed? Can you really keep track of which cubs are which when they are scared in a tree?

The cub who entered had his paw stamped at the door.

No shit. Moe's is some fine BBQ. Had some about a month ago. Pork sandwich with fried green tomatoes and cornbread, if you must ask. The order-taker also appeared tasty.

Molto years ago someone who lived in a town near Lake Placid told me that once, after a bad year of drought and generally crap conditions for hungry bears, this happened on Christmas eve. While most of the residents went to midnight mass or other activities, bears broke into a number of houses and ravaged whatever food had been prepared for late dinners or Christmas lunch: whole turkeys, the entire contents of some fridges, of course the pies and cookies, the contents of pantries, etc. All that turkey or roast beef cooking and sweets baking in every house at the same time earlier in the day was just too much for our little (and deadly)ursine friends.

Maevemealone (#968)

I can just picture little bear eyes peering out of bushes outside every house on the street. Once the car turns the corner, make a break for it!

David (#192)

And in Aspen, where bears come into the house, open (but don't break or scratch) the stainless-steel Subzero in successful efforts to eat all the ice cream, popsicles (but not the wrappers or the sticks), tamales (leaving the corn-husk covers neatly on the counter) and a large bowl of apples (seeds and all, without breaking the bowl) leaving paw prints on the kitchen wall- there by the light switch, one is advised not to throw pillows at a bear. Instead, stay out of site while they are in the house, listen carefully as it goes about doing what bears do, disturb it not and recognize that you are in their county. Then honor the bear by covering the paw-prints with a clear Plexiglas plate (so the maid doesn't wash it off) and remain ever mindful of your own place in a bear's world.

New Yorkers feel the same about cockroaches.

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