Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

What Yesterday's Health Care Vote Meant: Nothing

Everyone who was hyperventilating about yesterday's Senate Finance vote on the public option needs to take a deep breath: "[W]hatever clears the Senate will have to be reconciled with the House version-which may well contain a Rockefeller-style public option. It is in that House-Senate conference committee, where both sides will have equal weight, that the real action on the public option will take place. Compared to that, Tuesday's Finance Committee activity is nothing."

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Abe Sauer (#148)

That's not totally accurate. Sure, the public option is "alive." But yesterday was certainly another solid step toward fully killing it. Dems in the senate voted against it (Fuck you Conrad-ND). And while Republicans are all allied in being against it, Dems all want different versions of it which doesn't bode well for them getting together behind one bill. Again, not dead, but…. dying.

Schumer is hard for the public option and he is owed a lot of favors in the Senate, having headed the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee very, very successfully for two election cycles. The public option is alive and well and will be in the final bill.

Abe – I feel like we should have something riding on this…

Abe Sauer (#148)

Yeah, but Blue Dogs don't give two shits about him. In fact, in places like ND and the south his association is actually BAD… not Pelosi-bad… but not the name you want attached to yours. And those blue doggers are the mutts that will be faced with tight races in he next election BEFORE any kind of public option gets around to making their constituents lives' better. So… if they were good, honorable people they would do the public option, bite the bullet and lose an election but then leave a legacy of having been a hero. They won't of course. Meanwhile, Obama is being a pussy about all of this and failing to throw his support behind the option.

A wager huh? How about one month's Cobra premium?

But Schumer's a Wall St whore and funneled much of the money he got from Wall St to other Dem Senate candidates, so I'm betting even if they don't want anything to do with him publically they have taken his money and would love to keep doing so.

One month's COBRA payments? What's that, $1100? No thanks. I just took a big pay cut to live in a land with health care. How about a bottle of aspirin, a box of band-aids and a bottle of whiskey? If the public option doesn't pass at least you'd be ready for any emergency. If it does pass, I'll have a good excuse to get drunk.

Abe Sauer (#148)

True. He certainly has some influence. But again, what good is money to these guys if they know they won't win… even with a little extra? I'm a member of all these groups' little facebook thingamabobs and they are not letting up (Oct 6 is some kid of Patients First call the Congressman day)… They are very active. The left… um… we just bitch on websites and post one day's worth of "if you agree then copy this to the Facebook status…" They've also now tied it to abortion and, somehow, cap and trade (all increase taxes), so, not good.

Ha! $1100 if you;re healthy! How about we settle for a new toothbrush… or as it's known in the US "The Public Option Dental Plan"

Abe Sauer (#148)

Further. It has got to be killing guys like Schumer, from NY and CA and big-time populations that need heath care, to be getting bent over the knee by guys from ND and MT like Dorgan and Bachaus…. Rural's revenge.

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