Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

What Did Google Buy, and Why?

YOU OWN THIS?This map of companies purchased by Google is insanely useful because first you realize that you have no idea what any of these companies are and then you realize you have no idea what Google is up to. I am looking forward to someone explaining it to us; I will report back in short order. One item of interest: they have no interest in news, having purchased only one "news"-related company, FeedBurner, which is actually an RSS service and, more importantly, an RSS ad delivery system.

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TableNine (#1,104)

All I know is that they seem to have routed my 6 train away from Grand Central and into Xunlei, which I assume is somewhere near Mott.

BoHan (#29)

Gack, slow down Google! I still haven't figured out the point of GVoice, other than to confuse everyone who calls me (granted, that does have its advantages).

The point of Google Voice for me was to sign up for a phone number that goes 1-234-567-xxxx. There's no 8s available though.

BoHan (#29)

True that. Also, VM text transcripts are mildly amusing, especially with cuss words and all the question marks.

garge (#736)

The transcription service is my favorite bit, but I do enjoy the blocking feature and the free outgoing texts. Also, I was very happy to select a number that is both palindrome AND ends in ZOMG.

garge (#736)

And now I realize that I basically just gave out my phone number on the internet. So YES, the blocking feature!


fiveoneeight (#872)

I don't see Cyrberdyne Systems anywhere.

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