Thursday, September 17th, 2009

The Annotated White House Flickr Feed, With Ana Marie Cox and Jason Linkins: We Definitely Know What You Did At Every Minute This Summer

White House staff photographer and personal paparazzi Pete Souza: he has been around the world in a day with his concealed weapon town hall camera permit, shooting Barack Obama. What did they do this summer? They went to the Grand Canyon, which is in Mexico. And so many more places! And here we have Rachel Maddow's hot lady-friend (JUST FRIENDS PEOPLE!) Ana Marie Cox (Daily Beast and Playboy contributor) and Jason Linkins (editor of the Huffington Post's Eat the Press) to travel along!

Obama celebrates with his Fishing Czar over the fact that he "almost hooked a trout." Years, later, historians would reflect on how this eventually became a theme for his presidency.

If only there was a bust of Lincoln, to add some majesty.

Jesus. He's just cold visitin' every goddamn landmark in the country, like he's crossing them off his bucket list, or something. (Also: Fog, historians, "theme for his presidency.")


Jason: Yeah, go on and deny Pete Souza doorways. Steal away his windowpanes. Take from him screens and mirrors, the geometry of hallways, slats in blinds and chance peeks through portholes. It doesn't matter! HE WILL FIND A WAY TO FRAME OBAMA.

JASON: Come on. Aren't these types of shots doing more harm than good, now?
ANA: Pete Souza's just taking note that the halo light has dimmed. (cf. Historians, "theme for his Presidency")

LOOK. Nobody ever said that socialist indoctrination was going to be exciting.

Now Pete Souza is just letting random people pose in front of Obama's hooptie.

Jason: Just when you think a subject cannot be too prosaic for Pete Souza, we get this.
Ana: This photo explores what it is like to watch somebody watch Obama play golf.


Pete Souza is now just underneath the bleachers at Town Hall events, photographing asses.


Obama was never good at hide and seek.

ANA MARIE: In the Obama White House, the Indians always beat the Cowboys.

JASON: It's like there's that one room in the White House where a David Lynch movie is constantly happening.

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Social A's last week, and now this! What did we do to deserve such good fortune?

Flashman (#418)

Majestic as always.
I wonder what all the '#'s are for on Barry's teleprompter – is it reminding him to start banging his fist on the podium?
Or is it number wang?

Bittersweet (#765)

A sort of subtle cue to start cursing?

HiredGoons (#603)

it's a Soviet trigger device.

I love these so much. Great work Ana Marie and Jason (and the rest of the Awl)

Matt (#26)

"If only there was a bust of Lincoln, to add some majesty."


kryz (#311)

I might have underestimated the cock-hardening potential, yes.

cherrispryte (#444)

This column is my most favorite. (Sorry Emily and the guy who writes about gardening.)

Flashman (#418)

If it included a shot of Obama on AF1 playing a handheld Galaxian 2 – for people on the go! – it would be just about perfect.

Did anyone else wonder if someone checked the structural integrity of the railing above the Grand Canyon before Obama leaned upon it? (The first thing I do on a hotel balcony is give the railing a stiff shake.)

hman (#53)

Not that I need to spell it often, but I never knew how to spell 'hooptie' – thanks you guys!

brad (#1,678)

perry farrell approves of this message.

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