That Vulture Sam Zell Hits New York

ZELLLLLLSam Zell may have guided Tribune Company into distressed status and bankruptcy, but he’s looking to the future! And the future is: his new firm that buys defaulted commercial real estate debt and then shakes it down until all the change falls out of the pockets. Which is already pretty much what happened to you if you worked for him at any of his other firms, particularly Tribune. This week, Zell is in New York-last night he was spotted leaving a quite early seating at Craft, with a woman we were too shocked by the Zell sighting to ID, who may or may not have been Helen Zell. (In hazy recollection mode, she seemed a younger woman.) We asked the staff if they’d happened to have poisoned his food but they politely and professionally declined to answer. Just thought we’d share this for the benefit of all the laid-off newspaper people who are eating dinner from the big pot of beans that they made to get through the week!