Rob Miller For Congress, or, Why Not Yell At the President?

JOE WILSONSo now here we are in the morning after Obama’s speech to Congress about how the healthcare has no death panels and the state doesn’t pay for abortions or illegal immigrants, which was largely a good speech, though, I think, in Obama fashion went on a little bit long in the home stretch. Also I would really like some affordable health care for myself. And then there was what is being referred to as a “heckling,” by one Joe Wilson of South Carolina, which I don’t believe is really a heckle? A heckle would have been like, “you smell!” Or “your jokes are so bad, Howie Mandel!” Calling someone a liar while they are not lying is not heckling. So now Joe Wilson’s Democrat opponent in the 2010 election-Rob Miller, a Marine for 13 years-had only raised $3000 on Act Blue as of 10:30 p.m., but as of this morning has been given more than $100,000. Unfortunately, most of us were too busy thinking about this “heckling” hilarity to listen to the bizarre official Republican response to the president by Charles Boustany of Louisiana.

Boustany didn’t have much to go on! “Replacing your family’s current health care with government-run health care is not the answer” was one of his talking points, which is an amazingly misleading way of casting the public option.

He also claimed that “most Americans” want the government to “start over” on a health care plan. Yes, what Americans are always wanting is for those oh-so-fast-moving fat cats down in Washington to do things more slowly.

So, instead of discussing that, now we are all subjected to this:

SHUT UP JOE SCARBOROUGHOh, yes, I hated that too, when the Demoncrats were always screaming at the Bush when he was busy defending his father’s honor by avenging 9/11 with a trumped-up war. Let’s see, what do we have… oh yes, some of those liberal Democrats saying “No! No! No!” in 2005 when Bush was talking about how Social Security was going to pay out more money than it takes in by 2015. YOUCH, “no”? Why such harsh words, Democrats?

Oh, also those Democrats booed when Bush renewed the Patriot Act in 2004. The Patriot Act-which, you know, was a crazy, anti-American piece of Nazi Socialism.

Here is the other thing. The office of the President sort of gets too much royal treatment. Why shouldn’t the President get booed? I have booed the President. I probably wouldn’t do it to his face, because, like most people, I am a wuss, in thrall to the social order of polite mammal behavior. But if you either 1. need some political capital from the Palin-friendly right and/or 2. are so incensed because (and so confused about things that) you think the President is actually lying to the American people when he is talking about giving people health care, well: why shouldn’t you speak up? This is America, baby. Live it up. In this case, anyway, it just makes Obama look good and reasonable.