Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Rob Miller For Congress, or, Why Not Yell At the President?

JOE WILSONSo now here we are in the morning after Obama's speech to Congress about how the healthcare has no death panels and the state doesn't pay for abortions or illegal immigrants, which was largely a good speech, though, I think, in Obama fashion went on a little bit long in the home stretch. Also I would really like some affordable health care for myself. And then there was what is being referred to as a "heckling," by one Joe Wilson of South Carolina, which I don't believe is really a heckle? A heckle would have been like, "you smell!" Or "your jokes are so bad, Howie Mandel!" Calling someone a liar while they are not lying is not heckling. So now Joe Wilson's Democrat opponent in the 2010 election-Rob Miller, a Marine for 13 years-had only raised $3000 on Act Blue as of 10:30 p.m., but as of this morning has been given more than $100,000. Unfortunately, most of us were too busy thinking about this "heckling" hilarity to listen to the bizarre official Republican response to the president by Charles Boustany of Louisiana.

Boustany didn't have much to go on! "Replacing your family's current health care with government-run health care is not the answer" was one of his talking points, which is an amazingly misleading way of casting the public option.

He also claimed that "most Americans" want the government to "start over" on a health care plan. Yes, what Americans are always wanting is for those oh-so-fast-moving fat cats down in Washington to do things more slowly.

So, instead of discussing that, now we are all subjected to this:

SHUT UP JOE SCARBOROUGHOh, yes, I hated that too, when the Demoncrats were always screaming at the Bush when he was busy defending his father's honor by avenging 9/11 with a trumped-up war. Let's see, what do we have… oh yes, some of those liberal Democrats saying "No! No! No!" in 2005 when Bush was talking about how Social Security was going to pay out more money than it takes in by 2015. YOUCH, "no"? Why such harsh words, Democrats?

Oh, also those Democrats booed when Bush renewed the Patriot Act in 2004. The Patriot Act-which, you know, was a crazy, anti-American piece of Nazi Socialism.

Here is the other thing. The office of the President sort of gets too much royal treatment. Why shouldn't the President get booed? I have booed the President. I probably wouldn't do it to his face, because, like most people, I am a wuss, in thrall to the social order of polite mammal behavior. But if you either 1. need some political capital from the Palin-friendly right and/or 2. are so incensed because (and so confused about things that) you think the President is actually lying to the American people when he is talking about giving people health care, well: why shouldn't you speak up? This is America, baby. Live it up. In this case, anyway, it just makes Obama look good and reasonable.

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flossy (#1,402)

Sure, booing isn't the worst thing in the world, but in this context it's just infuriating. It's not as if Republican congressmen otherwise lack a prominent platform from which to say crazy shit about health care reform. And nobody is supposed to boo the fucking President in the middle of an address to a joint session of congress because we like to preserve the illusion that our elected officials, even the knuckle-dragging former employees of Strom Thurmond, were not literally raised in a barn. It's a Presidential speech, you jackass, not a demolition derby, so try to exhibit even a modicum of fucking decorum.

Kataphraktos (#226)

You kicked off the morning with a post of Joe Scarborough? You Gay Club membership is REVOKED.

Ronit (#1,557)

Agreed. I kind of enjoyed the heckling and wish there had been more back and forth, with the President making some cutting remarks from the podium.

I guess what I'm saying is, I like parliamentary democracy. The President isn't a King for chrissakes.

Abe Sauer (#148)

Yeah, we need a little more South Korea in our political process.

I especially like the certainly not lying part Obama aid about, while not being the first, being the last president to have to take up health care reform. milk came outta my nose.

And personally, I would have liked to see a little "you liar!" heckling from the left on selling out single payer… oh yeah, that's right, the left, along with Obama, sold us out in the interest of their campaign war chests.

oudemia (#177)

I think someone points this out downthread somewhere, but calling someone a liar is unparliamentary language and as such not ok. And sakes alive that might be my favorite entry in all of Wikipedia.

tfey_hawbz (#36)

臭罌出臭草 indeed!

sigerson (#179)

Yes, indeed. A little Question Time with the President going back and forth with John Boehner or Eric Cantor would be FANTASTIC. It would be an unfair fight, of course, but it would be great and awesome political theater (and would probably get the President fired up, which he apparently needs).

KenWheaton (#401)

Why can't our Congress be like other parliaments, with floor fights and wrestling masks and shoes being thrown?
(We used to do that, wayyyy back in the day.)

Besides, I believe the President his ownself said "You people are lying" about seven times prior to Mr. Heckleface saying it. That's not only good TV, it's good politics and, if we'd sit down the appropriate people on both sides of an issue in the proper format, it would probably serve a better purpose than town-hall meetings.

Who gives a shit about pre-election debates? Let's have some post-election debates!

Shouting aside: Scarborough's twitpic! He'll tell you it's because he loves liberty, and the people, but not boobs. Oh, no, it isn't about the boobs.

Abe Sauer (#148)

Joe has been jerking lately to the crescendos on viva la vida.

Meeg (#309)

I just think, if congressmen are this rude to the president imagine what they must be like to one another. We all know that you don't really need to be especially intelligent or diplomatic or talented to be elected to Congress, but at least pretend — don't make it so clear to everybody that you're no different than the idiots who disrupt town hall meetings.

hman (#53)

I'm all thought-out over Joe Wilson, but Howie Mandel inflating a rubber glove over his head STILL makes me laugh.

HiredGoons (#603)

'You Lie.'

Yes, we all miss the Bastion of Truth that was the Bush Administration.

Jonathan (#1,571)

The guy is a douche, nothing else can be said about that kind of behavior towards our nation's President, and a reflection of all past presidents of both parties who deserves at least our civility of respect.

I voiced my opinion by donating to his Democratic opponent. I hopes others do the same by going to…ndraisers/ 19079

This kind of behavior is not fitting to represent any district.

Urbania (#94)

I agree Choire 100%. Outbursts are either apt or they allow one to hang oneself with their own rope.

RIRedinPA (#1,573)

It wasn't just Wilson that was being disrespectful, other GOP members were holding up signs and others were being overly vocal in their discontent to the President's comments. It's one thing to either applaud or boo whatever the President is speaking of depending on your point of view, as pointed out, he's not a king, just an underpaid public servant in a swell suit, its another to openly yell out comments like "you lie" during his (or anyone else speech).

I would love to see an American version of Parliamentary Questions like they do in the House of Commons but even then there are rules which Wilson would have violated – you can't call anyone a liar or a drunk. (The Brits don't like someone pointing out the obvious of their politicians).

Dear Prudence:

While giving a presentation to some colleagues on Capitol Hill, a member of the audience shouted out "You Lie!" What is the appropriate response?


Dear BHO,

As a person of refined manners, I assume that at all times you carry a piece of paper with "WHAT PLAN?" scrawled on it. You should shake this paper vigorously in the direction of your colleague.

This is a standard exchange of pleasantries at the Capitol, roughly midway in formality between "Hello" and "Your page looks like he has firm buttocks"


HiredGoons (#603)

I was saying 'Boo-urns.'

HonoriaGlossop (#1,247)

Wilson had to give his official apology to Rahm Emanuel. Thinking about that exchange has got me so flustered and distracted I may have to leave for the day.

garge (#736)

I know. I almost didn't make it into work today.

Baboleen (#1,430)

Wait a minute, isn't this guy a member of the party who so loudly slammed the President for his lack of judgment/ethics in his (Obama's) decision to address school children?

Wow. This speaks volumes!!

Ron Obvious (#351)

Choire, Joe Wilson has a Democratic opponent, not a "Democrat opponent." Unless this is some kind of gay solidarity thing with Limbaugh, in which case nevermind. And the doctor from Louisiana? He would really like it if we all referred to him as "Lord Boustany." Unless we're suing him for malpractice.

Abe Sauer (#148)

oh hey! Look at that. So Rob Miller has now raised like $450,000. And nobody knows anything about him as all the money is coming through Act Blue. In fact, Rob's own campaign website has been redirected to the Act Blue donantion page. So, that's going to get a flood of opposition GOP money flowing for Joe Wilson ending in a tiny Rep. seat going for $2 million in OUT OF STATE MONEY spent… the vast majority of it coming from those having no idea what the local positions are of the guys who are being elected (ostensibly, to first and foremost rep. their district) and instead devolving the positioons of both candidates into "NOT THE OTHER GUY," which is exactkly the mentality that lead to the dumb "you lie" comment to begin with. Hakuna mattata.

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