Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

On The Bear Beat In Aspen

"The moment a bear is rewarded by figuring out there's food in these funny boxes we live in, you can't build a door or a window that will keep him out," says Colorado Department of Wildlife spokesman Randy Hampton. It's been a bear-filled summer in the Centennial State: Since July, Aspen alone has received over 400 calls from citizens who have spotted the animals nearby. This video, from Denver Fox affiliate KDVR, is kind of amazing. The bears are everywhere. And they're growing smarter by the minute. Unlike the journalists who cover them, who have been inspired to utter such profundities as: "Aspen has become a zoo without walls. Admission my be free for most… but some bears will pay with their lives," and, yes, "What's up with all those bears?"


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Abe Sauer (#148)

Shame. b/c so many of them have to be put down once they get a taste for garbage.

Related: tue is the opening of bear hunting season

Patrick M (#404)

That's crazy. It's like Aspen is one big Greenwich Village KFC for the rats, which are actually bears due to metaphor.

johnpseudonym (#1,452)

Jesus Christ, somebody call Duluth for advice. They have been dealing with bears for over a century.

PandaEyes (#772)

Thank you for the continuing bear coverage. It’s a real boon to bear fans living in ursine deprived countries. The only land-faring mammals we have are a few miniscule bats.

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