Friday, September 11th, 2009

On Sunday, Everything Could Change

This could be a game changer, people.There is always the danger that we're being spun, or that this news is some kind of bizarre attempt at raising anxieties in rival camps, but this bulletin is of such great import that I feel we should pass it along on the chance that it is, in fact, all too true: No less of an authority than Lee Lodge-the creative director of MTV's Video Music Awards show-has alerted MTV News that Lady Gaga's performance at Sunday's ceremony "could be a classic VMA performance." We'll let you digest that for just one second before we continue. Lodge goes further and states that we may actually witness a "classic, Madonna-like performance." I know, dare we dream? We've been disappointed so many times before. But we have a feeling this is going to be different. It says here: Believe. We will keep you updated on this important story as it continues to develop.


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hazmathilda (#839)

I feel like this except not ironically.

Flashman (#418)

Is a 'Crying Game' scenario, perhaps in the guise of a 'wardrobe malfunction', too much to hope for?

fek (#93)

Lady Gaga's Peener Reveal = Christmas In September. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN.

Rod T (#33)

A friend is working on it and says likewise.

La Cieca (#1,110)

9/13: Never Forget.

Clare (#516)

Not to change the subject, but I feel this way about Britney's "Satisfaction"/"Oops I Did it Again" performance. Seriously! When she rips off that suit with the rhinestone pinstripes and for a split second you think, "HOLY SHIT IS SHE NUDE?!" It was great.

My Spidey sense senses a Tootsie thing.

dweeb (#437)

The half wedding dress/half tuxedo look is more America's Got Talent.



The best is that there's a zoom in right when the chorus hits. In case you weren't sure that there was, indeed, AH FFIIIRRREEE.

HiredGoons (#603)

Wait, she actually DOES stuff!?

Whatever she does on the VMAs, I'm sure it'll leave us … um … Oh what's the word I'm looking for? Not "stunned" or "blown away," but something like that.

Agog? No, that's not it .. but it's close. It begins with the letter G …

Why did they do it?
Were they mad?
I do know know
Go ask your dad

IGNORE THE COMMENT ABOVE. I posted it to the wrong thread. dammit

ljnd (#86)

It still works!

Flashman (#418)

Is that siren thing just going to like, keep flashing?
That must be wasting a ton of energy.

No worries. It runs on hopes and dreams.

josh_speed (#97)

Matt Drudge's hopes and dreams, no less.

hman (#53)

Lady Gaga is a single Muslim woman, out looking for love.

Clearly Viacom needs this to be a hit. Sumner Redstone is not going to be a happy octagenarian executive if the MTV Awards don't regain some of its past glory. But wouldn't the better strategy be to lower expectations?

Now the show won't be a success unless Lady Gaga bares an erect cock.

If Viacom really needed the VMAs to be a hit, someone would have scheduled them ahead of The Beatles: Rock Band release. Talk about having your self-promotional thunder stolen.

(Also, given that GaGa's already set her boobs on fire — for Canada, no less! — what sort of "classic" performance can she even give? An on-camera pelvic?)

Abe Sauer (#148)

I predict gayness.

Omg, that MTV guy is right! (She just said "shit." Duh.)

KarenUhOh (#19)

She got outgaga'ed.

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