On Sunday, Everything Could Change

This could be a game changer, people.There is always the danger that we’re being spun, or that this news is some kind of bizarre attempt at raising anxieties in rival camps, but this bulletin is of such great import that I feel we should pass it along on the chance that it is, in fact, all too true: No less of an authority than Lee Lodge-the creative director of MTV’s Video Music Awards show-has alerted MTV News that Lady Gaga’s performance at Sunday’s ceremony “could be a classic VMA performance.” We’ll let you digest that for just one second before we continue. Lodge goes further and states that we may actually witness a “classic, Madonna-like performance.” I know, dare we dream? We’ve been disappointed so many times before. But we have a feeling this is going to be different. It says here: Believe. We will keep you updated on this important story as it continues to develop.