Natasha Vargas-Cooper Sells 'Mad Men' Book

ALSO A BOOK!The Awl’s Chief Los Angeles Correspondent Natasha Vargas-Cooper has sold The Mad Men Files to Julia Cheiffetz at Harper Studio, the world’s best imprint. (We’re very biased!) The book is based on her long-running blog, The Footnotes of Mad Men, which delves into the real-world cultural and historical data at the edges of the TV show; her writing on ‘Mad Men’ began recently cropping up here as well. We asked Natasha via IM: why a book, lady? “Oh, well, because what makes the show so appealing to me is how admirably it tries to captures the zeitgeist of the mid-century without mythologizing it. Also, I like big pretty pictures. The glossiness of the ads and the interiors are something I always want to run my fingers over. Like, it’s actually more than ephemera, it’s lasting. HISTORY IS LASTING, DAMMIT!”