Joe Wilson Likes Black People Just Fine, It's Lying He Can't Stand

Suddenly the idea that there might be a racial component in the opposition to President Barack Obama is popping up everywhere: Maureen Dowd and her buddies brought it up in a Sunday op-ed, Politico has a piece on the growing consensus among Democrats that it is, in fact, the case, and even Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), whose “You lie!” outburst provided the moment of clarity by which so many people were able to finally say, “Oh, yeah, I get it now, it’s racism,” was forced to respond to the difficult question.

In an interview with Fox News in which he repeatedly swore that he was not going to apologize ever again no matter what, Wilson, whose opponent Rob Miller has raised nearly $1 million on the back of the incident, was asked if Obama’s race was a problem.

No, no. Hey, I respect the president. Actually, there’s a relationship, in a way. His wife — her family’s from Georgetown. My family’s from next door in McClellanville. So I have a great respect for the Obama family.

Well, okay! We all know that if black people live nearby you can’t be racist against them. I mean, hell, this is South Carolina we’re talking about. Everyone’s practically family.