Monday, September 14th, 2009

Horror Chick: 'Sorority Row'

HORROR!Admit it: you laugh a little when the horror movie killer turns out to be a girl. You think it's funny. Ha ha! The BIG twist…it's a chick! Doesn't really matter which chick it is, or why a 100-pound brunette with Hawaiian Tropic skin and an altered proboscis chose to become a homicidal maniac-it's funny. Gives a film immediate camp status. You know it's true. You raging neosexist pig. Just kidding- I laugh too. Plus I'm a lousy feminist who's pro-Brazilians and anal scenes, so who am I to judge.

Some spoilers ahead!

Girl killers are less of a joke in foreign films, like High Tension (where you're too busy chugging Klonopin and hiding under the seat to laugh):

Or Audition (you're checking yourself into a mental health clinic).

But in American horror, when it's a lady under the scary black hood, you know it's all meant in camp. Take Urban Legend-naked threesome videos notwithstanding, come on. We're supposed to believe Rebecca Gayheart butchered some dude and hung his body from a tree? Please.

The thing is, women do kill people. Sometimes in violent, messy ways. We gots anger. We get pissed. Got ovaries? Not feeling pissed? Look around-there's plenty to be pissed about. Like the fact that if you're a woman and you write for a living, you could top Tolstoy and it wouldn't matter, if you have a seriously crooked nose and big thighs. And the fact that if some dude in Dockers calls you a "sloppy cunt" and he's just being a "cool guy" (or a bestselling writer), you're a humorless bitch if you don't think it's funny. And the biggest clusterfuck of all: We're not "allowed" to get angry-it's not "feminine." (Apparently neither is cussing, according to some dude who asked me to drinks a few months ago-"You swear more than a woman should," he told me. Motherfucker, I said, I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.)

But mainstream horror is and always has been afraid of female rage. Films like the first Friday the 13th, and the original House on Sorority Row (which Sorority Row is based on) touched on the wrath of She-by making the killer a crazy old lady (plus in the latter film, she wasn't even the real killer-yes, I just spoiled the ending. Deal with it).

So given all this, Sorority Row had such a fantastic, singular opportunity. Here we have a house full of aggressive, pissed-off, bitchy women who'd love nothing more than to slide an ice pick into each other's craniums (or their boyfriends'). The killer SHOULD be one of these women. They should be UNLEASHED, preferably with chainsaws and nail guns. It would be AWESOME.

But instead, they blow it. Same old formula, same tired shit: Homicidal (male) maniac on the loose, who fooled everyone into thinking he was a normal guy (don't they all). Kills a bunch of screaming women who are usually in some state of undress. And a few guys too. BORING.

Though I will say Rumer Willis did wield that shotgun quite well at the end. Par for the course when your father is John McClane, I suppose.

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Melissa Lafsky really likes horror movies.

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Most woman mass killers in movies are motivated by revenge, aren't they? I'm thinking of I Spit on Your Grave kind of stuff. There's the Rob Zombie movies where families including woman kill together, but wrapping it all up in filial (!) piety blunts the impact.

So you're right – let's get some female killers out there, and no wimping out.

Abe Sauer (#148)

Almost all protagonist killers in movies are motivated by revenge or similar, no? We're rally not comfortable with the idea of killers with no explicable motivation.

Sounds like SOMEBODY needs to work on a Molly Hatchet script…

katiebakes (#32)

I enjoy Femilaskyism.

Matt (#26)

I do not even really like horror movies but I really enjoy these posts!

KenWheaton (#401)

"We're supposed to believe Rebecca Gayheart butchered some dude and hung his body from a tree?"

Give her a car, though, and watch out!

HonoriaGlossop (#1,247)

Girls, not scary. But put a wizened old midget woman in a little red raincoat and I have nightmares for life. Thanks, Nicholas Roeg.

HiredGoons (#603)

Guns don't kill people, PMS kills people.

OuackMallard (#774)

Cross-dressing men are pretty scary, though–like in Psycho or Silence of the Lambs.

Bittersweet (#765)

Will we be laughing watching Megan Fox chowing on guys in 'Jennifer's Body'? Boy I hope so.

Meeg (#309)

Female killers rock! But you're right to point out that it's weak when its revealed at the end that (surprise!) some girl is the killer, but then you're like "no way this skinny bitch could have done all the feats of strength we saw the killer do earlier in the movie"

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