Gaddafi Filibusters UN

GADDAFFITTThe Libyan honcho has filibustered at the U.N. for well over an hour, in an unscripted, wide-ranging attack on pretty much everyone-conducted without notes or particular agenda. Most amusing: many of the people who’d walked out (about half of everyone) kept walking back in because they figured he’d be done by then, and then they had to re-walk out. He made some good points! If old ones. Such as that the five permanent member nations of the Security Council and that council’s veto power is not really in keeping with the spirit of the U.N. To which I say: yeah, oh well, we will have to accept the frightening dictatorial power of France for some years longer. Among other good points: that Africa has never successfully recovered from the damage of colonialism, and yes, how could it? Oh and also that the swine flu was a military leak. I don’t know, overall, I think that we prefer our crazy people succinct. UPDATE: Oh boy. He just demanded to know who killed John Kennedy. Translator quote: “Seriously, we don’t know.” UPDATE: Okay he has hit the 90-minute mark! WHERE IS THAT CAT TO PLAY HIM OFF? UPDATE: AND he is done, at last. How amazing.