Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Fashion's BORING

zzzzzHoly yuck, stories like this one about 27-year-old, former model/fashion designer Abigail Lorick-who's BESTIES with the 'Gossip Girl' costume designer and is Blair Waldorf's designer mom's "ghost designer" and overall muse to Blair's style-make me hate fashion. Lorick's aesthetic is described as "feminine… elegant but playful; retro silhouettes in modern prints; simple in the front… decorative in the back. Little Red Riding Hood meets Audrey Hepburn-or what she calls the Lorick Lady."

How is this a thing? So let me get this straight: Her "look" is "pleasing"? Or "tidy"? Or "tweed in fall; organdy microflorals in spring" a.k.a. "nice"? Lemme guess, is the "lady" "back" for fall? Are the '80s in again/always? What is going ON? Isn't Lorick's line basically any bridge-ish price point everybrand? It's like Tocca meets Anthropologie meets Rebecca Taylor. Just say it's all super "what an Abigail would wear." Somebody bring me Contempo Casuals for Clueless STAT.

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The byline really surprised me. I thought for sure that Balk wrote this one.

Bittersweet (#765)

I was thinking Choire myself…

Kataphraktos (#226)

"…simple in the front… decorative in the back…"

Translation: Jewelry gets you anal.

HiredGoons (#603)

I agree with almost everything, except DON'T FUCK WITH TWEED MARY!

Mary HK Choi (#39)

of course. tweed's the bee's knees. but that's my point. it's tweed. tweed is awesome. don't tell me it's awesome, like i don't know it's awesome. it's like someone getting points for using a box pleat on a poplin shift (ooh look, the fold, it stays) or that an empire waist, scoop neck tunic goes with leggings and thick headbands and ballet flats and that SOMETIMES, say, when it's extra cold, you can layer a 3/4 length sleeve turtleneck under the whole ensemble. It's like using toggles on a coat for that "whimsy." ZzzzzzZZZzzZZzZzzzzzzzzzzz. Shut up gamine BARF. My eyeballs, they're tired. Just give up and come out with a 'jeans' line and a fragrance already. *yawn*

Flashman (#418)

And keep your muthafuckin hands offa my ELBOW PATCHES.

KarenUhOh (#19)

Tweeds chafe your nads.

Abe Sauer (#148)

and if you're beefy makes you look even fatter.

"Blair Waldorf’s designer mom’s 'ghost designer'"

I'm imagining like in Cinderella when the birds and mice sew her clothes and braid her hair, except this lady gets fixed up by ghosts!

HiredGoons (#603)

in this case I'd go more with 'ravens and shrews.'

Wet Seal, bestie.

Mary HK Choi (#39)

Does anyone remember Judy's? Acetate lycra mini dresses with "belled" sleeves and black and white striped tights and platform granny shoes? Love. So slutty and flammable.

BoHan (#29)

Chess King FTW.

We had this store in LA it was called 'RAVE' (it was like the low-end Charlotte Russe). Swirly pattern dresses, bell sleeves, baby doll dresses, CHUNKY shoes. Ugh, curse the days where anything 'chunky' was considered 'in'. Lost my youth to that racket.

Fashions of Echo FTW.

philomene (#355)

Beeotch – Not all Abigails are like that.

Also, what in the hell is she wearing in the accompanying picture?! Ick!

It's remarkably similar to the dress Rachel Zoe is wearing in the Bravo promos this week. Drop waist, batteau neck, taffeta lookingish. Who's ghosting who?

I guess we'll know after we see Lorick in an overly-embellished muumuu.

Dahlight (#1,567)

I feel you!

In fact, I just published a piece:
Fashion Week Forecast | a commentary on trend, business & designer survival
that's in tune with your thoughts.

Check it out on

ToWi (#1,057)

Oh good. an absolutely fascinating story about some thing boring.

BTW, MHKC have you read the New Yorker profile on Wearstler in the New Yorker?

"Wearstler represents the uninhibited side of L.A., the part that celebrates how far the city is from strict East Coast notions of good taste. In a decadelong career, her style has evolved from mid-century modern to glammed-up Hollywood Regency to an ornate, layered look inspired in part by the late Tony Duquette. She uses intense colors, David Hicks-like graphic patterning, and contrasting textures."

Might need your boring to fascinating wand.

Quinacridone (#81)


rebeccathehaith (#1,619)

"'Be a lady on the street and a whore in the bedroom!' said Ms. Lorick, quoting a friend of hers describing the style."

sigh. everybody knows it's "freak in the bed," or, alternately, "freak in the sheets."

Leti (#362)

I love this. Pretty faces are big this season. Judy's was the best.

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