Fashion's BORING

zzzzzHoly yuck, stories like this one about 27-year-old, former model/fashion designer Abigail Lorick-who’s BESTIES with the ‘Gossip Girl’ costume designer and is Blair Waldorf’s designer mom’s “ghost designer” and overall muse to Blair’s style-make me hate fashion. Lorick’s aesthetic is described as “feminine… elegant but playful; retro silhouettes in modern prints; simple in the front… decorative in the back. Little Red Riding Hood meets Audrey Hepburn-or what she calls the Lorick Lady.”

How is this a thing? So let me get this straight: Her “look” is “pleasing”? Or “tidy”? Or “tweed in fall; organdy microflorals in spring” a.k.a. “nice”? Lemme guess, is the “lady” “back” for fall? Are the ’80s in again/always? What is going ON? Isn’t Lorick’s line basically any bridge-ish price point everybrand? It’s like Tocca meets Anthropologie meets Rebecca Taylor. Just say it’s all super “what an Abigail would wear.” Somebody bring me Contempo Casuals for Clueless STAT.